A variant of chess in which (almost) every piece has a special power.

  • Pawn can move forward one or two spaces on every turn it moves on. Great for getting your pawns out ahead, but moving two spaces leaves your pawn vulnerable to an en passant capture!
  • Rook can build a wall in any adjacent square. A great defensive option, but only your opponent can take down your walls!
  • Knight can capture pieces without moving into their squares. Sniper, no sniping!
  • Bishop can become invisible. However, your opponent's possible moves will still reflect your bishops' locations, so a careful opponent will still be able to find you, and you cannot bait someone into moving themselves into check!
  • King can stun a piece in any adjacent square. Zugzwang!
  • Queen doesn't get a power because she is already so mobile.

Click to move pieces and use powers, hold space to peek at your cloaked bishops.

I made this because I thought it would be fun, but I'm not a good chess player at all. If you're into chess and you have feedback on things that should be changed or added, please post in the forums!

The font of the game status and logo is Hokjesgeest by Tup Wanders.

The restart and special power icons are by Font Awesome. Licensed under the Font Awesome Free License.